“I can help you find your bootstraps and make sure those boots look good on you.”

Teri Lucie Thompson hails from the midwest and is self-described as “grit and glam all in one little package.”  Demure in size, but big on ideas, this pint-sized powerhouse is a credentialed Life Coach and teacher, a relentless optimist, and visionary, and is often sought out both personally and professionally for her problem-solving abilities. With an amazing network of resources, if Teri doesn’t have the answer, she’ll bubble it up to one of them and find you an answer, a new friend, or both!

A lifelong learner, Teri realizes that sometimes the biggest lessons come from experiencing life itself: Losing her husband at a young age after caretaking during his three years of cancer treatment gifted her extra compassion and empathy. Truly connecting with women – whether via mentoring for Ceresa, volunteering for Dress for Success, as Founder of The Texas Women’s Summit, and even as author of Tuning into Mom: Understanding America’s Most Powerful Consumer – Teri has organically supported women to take the next step in their careers and personal lives. Her positivity shines through as she demonstrates with what Lady Gaga says: 

“I’m just trying to change the world one sequin at a time.”


Although many of us have had a “bad romance” with change, Teri was lucky to have an early experience that showed her the value of learning and changing.  Attending a small rural elementary school with just five students in her class, she watched her father run for and win a seat on the school district’s board.  His platform?  Maintain the status quo by retaining the district’s small rural schools and build a quorum to defeat the “progressive” new superintendent, who believed the district’s rural schools should be consolidated for financial, academic, and social reasons. A funny thing happened at her father’s first board meeting: he actually listed to the vision and rationale of the new administration and CHANGED HIS MIND, thus changing the vote of the board.

Little did she know that by her father changing his mind—demonstrating an open mind—she was given the gift of keeping an open mind, a key to her success as a coach, leader, and problem solver.


Teri has led businesses, brands, and board committees.  Prior to leading two startups, Teri led three higher education brands—Purdue, University of Arizona, and University of Texas System.  She also spent fourteen years in the financial services sector in junior marketing and public affairs roles prior to becoming a CMO.  Along the way she authored a book, numerous book chapters, and articles and racked up an impressive array of hardware.  She is most proud of being named the American Marketing Association’s Higher Education Marketer of the Year (2012) and Illinois State University’s Distinguished Alumni Award (2016).


A two-time graduate of Illinois State University and certified LifeCoach, Teri lives in Austin with a kick*** collection of cowboy boots. 

She loves shopping, gardening, golf, entertaining friends, fitness, and most importantly, spoiling her grandchildren and grand nieces.

"You have a right to be happy. It's time you discover tools to find more joy."

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